After you sign up for your first Mega Sculpt class at The Lagree Studio, you may be really excited about trying this new fitness class. You will learn one of the hottest exercise programs today and get a great workout. After your first class, we are sure that you will have noticed at least five things about the Megaformer machine and the workout itself. Let’s discuss them now.

The machine

While the Megaformer machine may look like a torture device, it actually becomes your new best friend after just one workout. All of the cords and pulleys that go this way and that can be quite scary at first. Once you get on the machine a could of times you will be a pro and know which stretch to do with what pulley.

It’s not pilates

The Megaformer machine does resemble the pilates “Proformer” machine but it is definitely not the same machine. The Megaformer is about 10 feet long and can workout and stretch every inch of your body. This machine has the ability to tighten your abdominals and support your muscles at the same time.

Not for beginners

If you have never worked out a day in your life or if your core is not as strong as you would like, then you may have a hard time on the Megaformer machine. It is good to know that you will be engaging your core, arms and legs the most and you will be holding positions for an extended period of time without much rest.

If you are ready to give the Megaformer a try, check out our schedule of all of our classes and register today.