As a beginner, working out can have many downsides. Since you don’t know where you are at physically, it can be hard to gauge where to start. As your local fitness center, we have seen our fair share of beginners try and fail specific exercises like the megaformer workout. Knowing how to train is one of the best ways to get better when you are trying to workout in our fitness center. If you are just starting out in the fitness world, here is a list of mistakes many beginners do.
Too much, too soon

Whether you are working out to lose weight, gain muscle mass or just trying to get into shape, it is easy to push yourself too much when your body is not ready for it. Make small goals for you to reach and keep pushing yourself to pass them instead of setting yourself up for failure by making your goals unreachable.

Not tracking

Many newbies think that the can reach their goals and not keep track of things that they are doing. We recommend recording everything that you can including what you ate, what exercises you did, how long you did said exercises, how many reps you did and at what weight, and even taking pictures of your body so you can see the difference.


Without a clear plan on what you want to accomplish at the fitness center, you will wonder around the place feeling overwhelmed and not have any idea where to start. It doesn’t matter where you start as long as you start somewhere.

While the megaformer workouts at Lagree Studio are complex, we know that you will be an expert on them quickly. To get started, register for one of our fitness classes.