If you are a runner training for a race of any kind, whether it is a full marathon or just a little 5k, you know that you have to do more for your body than just running. You have to get your whole body working so that it can go the distance with you and your legs. Some runners will turn to strength training or something that is high in cardio. But with that comes risks that you probably haven’t considered. It may be worth taking the risk for you so that you can get a faster time in your race but we have another option. The megaformer machine offers everything a runner needs including cardio and toning so that you can stay in great physical shape while training for your race.

Many runners will tell you that they have shaved off up to 30 minutes off their marathon race just but using the megaformer. This even happens when they take running off the table for a while. We feel that because the Megaformer allows you to work every part of your body in every workout, your body has to readjust and strengthen the muscles. Running is the same movement over and over and this change up helps your body not get too complacent.

When you are weight lifting or doing other types of training, you run the risk of injury that you are not prepared for. Because the megaformer is low impact that risk goes out the window, allowing you to focus on the workout. At the Lagree Studio, we have the ability to help you become a better and faster runner by using the megaformer. Come check out one of our classes today.