When we are working out to get in shape, we can do everything under the sun. We can run, we can lift weights, we can even swim but those aren’t always challenging enough to keep us coming back again and again. There comes a time when we need something that differs from the norm. At The Lagree Studio, we have something that is not only exciting, but challenging too. The Megaformer and the megaformer workout is said to be similar to pilates but on steroids. This machine, that costs upwards of $7,000 each, is said to have many benefits on your body.

Lean muscle

The Mega Sculpt workout is 45 minutes of high intensity training that is low impact and is said to not only strengthen and tone your muscles but also lengthen them. Being on this machine works every muscle in that 45 minutes to help you achieve a full body transformation.

Slow sweat

While the workout is about 45 minutes, the workout is slow and intense. You get core, resistance and cardio all in that 45 minutes so you will be working up a sweat. You also never rest in between transitions. You will go straight from working your legs to working your abs without so much as a breath in between. To get an idea of what you are looking for, check out this video page to see YouTube videos on the machine.

The idea of the megaformer workout is to get your body used to moving at its full potential rather than just at 50 percent like it is used to. Call The Lagree Studio for more information on our classes.