1. Sweating And Burning Calories

    One thing that you can be sure of when you are doing the megaformer workout is the fact that you are going to sweat--A LOT. You are going to be working just about every muscle in your whole body and your heart weight will go up when doing this fitness class. But sweating is not necessarily a bad thi…Read More

  2. The Megaformer Can Make You A Better Runner

    If you are a runner training for a race of any kind, whether it is a full marathon or just a little 5k, you know that you have to do more for your body than just running. You have to get your whole body working so that it can go the distance with you and your legs. Some runners will turn to strength…Read More

  3. The Megaformer Workout

    When we are working out to get in shape, we can do everything under the sun. We can run, we can lift weights, we can even swim but those aren’t always challenging enough to keep us coming back again and again. There comes a time when we need something that differs from the norm. At The Lagree Stud…Read More