Don’t train . . . Discover

Don’t compete . . .Create

Don’t train . . .twitch

t3 50 Mega + Versa

Our t3 50 Mega + Versa class is the first group fitness class of its kind.  It is designed to create a high-performance lifestyle.  It is based on the science of you and how your brain interprets movement and how your will deals with failure.  The t3 50 Mega + Versa class is the first neuromuscular professional grade strength and conditioning training approach that focuses on your fast and slow twitch muscle fibers without the use of momentum, all in just 50 minutes.

Making it the most efficient and effective workout ever.  It will increase lean muscle mass, lower body fat, increase functional strength, endurance, power, flexibility, balance and work your core in every movement while maintaining little to no impact on your joints.  It will increase cognitive performance, productivity and heighten your state of creativity.

Isn’t it time you stopped training and start twitching!

t3 45 Megaformer

Before one can understand how truly great one is, one must understand how to fail.  Our t3 45 Megaformer class is our foundation class focusing solely on our slow twitch training on the Megaformer M3S.  Taking a High Performance high intensity, low impact approach to total muscle failure on the Megaformer.  All movements are full body, slow and controlled against variable tension while maintaining perfect alignment and stabilizing your core.

Before we can perform, we must first understand our form and let go of the idea of failure and push ourselves past it.

t3 101 Foundations

Ready to commit to your growth as an athlete? Where LIFE becomes your sport and SPORT becomes your life! Turn intention into action with our t3 101 Foundations, a foundational class designed to introduce new athletes to exclusive t3 Approach professional grade neuromuscular strength and conditioning.

  • 60 minutes. Includes a15-minute introduction followed by a 45-minute workout
  • Bring grip socks, a towel and your mental grit with you as we explore basic theory and apply High Performance movements without impact to help you discover your truth.