SCULPT & STRETCH YOGA with Lizzie Brooks

SCULPT & STRETCH YOGA is a system of movement that opens, strengthens, and rejuvenates the entire body on multiple levels.  It greatly increases flexibility, balance, and strength, all while reducing stress.  As a compliment to Lagree, or on its own, SCULPT & STRETCH YOGA has powerful benefits that students feel from the very first session. 

When coupled with Lagree, many students report greater understanding of how to properly align and engage the body to get the best results from Megaformer classes.  Sessions are one hour, all levels, and are tailored to each student’s individual needs.  Our instructor, Lizzie Brooks has 16 years of experience with all ages, abilities, and even injuries.  Her goal as an instructor is to think “out of the box” and to provide yoga that is so engaging her students are excited to practice.

Each class is a mixing bowl of mindful movement and breath, challenge, and surrender.  Lizzie hopes to teach students that there is a fine line between going deeper into a pose and forcing a change that the body isn’t ready for.  All of this is done with a sense of depth and humor.

The Lagree Studio is equipped with the finest Manduka mats, blankets, blocks & straps for your added convenience.

Come join us!  The hardest part about yoga is showing up!