1. Fuel Up Before An Intense Workout

    Previously on the Twitch Fitness blog, we have offered suggestions of specific snacks to eat before or after a workout. Today, we wanted to go a little deeper about what your body needs on a macronutrient level to fuel a grueling workout. What Your Body Needs Before A Workout Carb Up Have you ever h…Read More

  2. Benefits Of Low Impact Exercise

    Almost all exercise, when done safely, have life-changing benefits that can keep you healthy and strong for years to come. The more consistent you are with your exercise, the more benefits you will see. However, low-impact exercise offers specific, holistic benefits that many high-impact exercises s…Read More

  3. How To Choose The Right Group Exercise Class

    Most of us lead busy lives, and getting to the gym isn’t always guaranteed when we have so many other responsibilities keeping us occupied. For that reason, it is important to make the most of your precious workout time. At Twitch, By The Lagree Studio, we know that group exercise classes are one …Read More

  4. The Importance Of Exercise For Mental Health

    Here at twitch, by The Lagree Studio, we focus on more than just physical health. To us, your mental health is equally important. Luckily for all of us, physical and mental health go hand in hand. Our t3 Approach combines both aerobic and anaerobic low impact exercise to maximize the holistic effect…Read More