1. The Lagree Studio in Bee Caves is a MUST-GO-place

    The focus of the Lagree Method based on core fitness, resistance and endurance strength was exactly what I was looking for! Beyond the extraordinary deep workout and the instant sensation of well-being right after the session, I truly feel that the Bee Caves Lagree Studio instructors are purposefully trained and undoubtedly dedicated to provide excellence, fun and safety all at once.

    The Lagree Studio in Bee Caves is a MUST-GO-place for anyone who is seeking an all encompassing fitness experience filled with enthusiasm, fun and results!

    Aline H., Austin, TX
  2. The Lagree Studio Culture has changed my life in many beautiful ways

    The Lagree Studio Culture has changed my life in many beautiful ways. It has brought a community of the most amazing women I know into my life. Beauty, vitality, health conscious givers, and doers are a class away when I need to be surrounded by BEAUTY in Bee Caves!

    The Lagree Studio has challenged my workouts by giving me an all over body condition in 45 minutes.  It offers a hearty challenge of mind, body and spirit every class. The abundant available class options make’s my life easier when it comes to my busy schedule. Lagree has also enriched my relationship with my husband. He is an exceptional athlete that was a little hesitant at first, but after taking a class, he was hooked!  I didn’t have to convince him to join Lagree to workout with me, he sometimes has to now drag me to a class because I enjoy my sleep.

    My husband and I start off our day feeling empowered, accomplished, confident and sore after our 6 am class that we take together. I get to workout with my best friend without getting frustrated or having to think about what I am going to train that day. I can not explain in words how much Lagree has helped with eliminating the stress of my workout routines. This makes ahuge difference in the flow of my day.

    Huge thanks to Mitch, Valentina, Kat, Janelle and the rest of the Lagree family for making our lives, relationship, bodies, and minds the very best we can possibly be. My butt especially thanks you!

    Long Live Lagree! I am forever grateful you are contributing to keeping Austin and Bee Caves sexy!


    Ashlee D., Austin, TX
  3. Best full body workout that I have ever experienced

    The Lagree Studio has changed the way that I look at my fitness routine all together. I used to spend all of my time in the gym and over time saw minimal results.  I now do Lagree 4-5 times a week and spend a few days a week lifting in the gym.  Lagree has improved my overall strength considerably in just a few months.  I am hooked and recommend it to every body type of every level.  Each class caters to all strength levels, of all body types, and all ages.  It is the best full body workout that I have ever experienced.  Thank You Mitch and Valentina for bringing this close to our house and offering conveniently spaced classes throughout the day.  I can wake up early or sleep in and there is a class for me.


    Wyatt D., Austin, Texas
  4. Mitch and Valentina are both very positive influential instructors/owners

    I’ve taken an Abs and Arms class with Kat and it was by far one of the most challenging, butt kicking, full body, 45 minute workout I have ever been put through. I have recently switched over from 24 hour fitness to lagree and now conduct my strength and conditioning training at the lagree studio. Mitch and Valentina are both very positive influential instructors/owners. What better then to be instructed by a 5 star personal trainer or even be trained by an Olympic gold medalist? Take your pick, If you haven’t tried a class at The Lagree Studio, then your at the wrong gym.

    Charles S., Austin, TX
  5. The studio is excellent and top of the line

    I have done Lagree fitness from LA to Sydney and can’t believe how lucky I am to have moved to Austin right in time!! The studio is excellent and top of the line from the new machines to the instructors. I love Lagree because it really does change your body in a short amount of time. The owners are also really invested in their clients and take the extra time to make you feel special. Studio looks beautiful but not pretentious at all.

    Emily C., Austin, TX.
  6. Love the workout, love the instructors, love the owners

    Love the workout, love the instructors, love the owners, love the surroundings and the studio…nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE for this place! Cannot more highly recommend, I’m a completely hooked “regular”! Of all the awesome places in Austin this could have landed, I’m so glad it’s in my neighborhood.

    Wendie T., Austin, TX.
  7. This studio stands out just like the workout

    I’ve been to at least 10 different studios that do the Lagree Fitness workout and this is by far the nicest studio I’ve ever seen. This studio stands out just like the workout. I was doing this type of workout off and on when I lived in LA and was bummed there wasn’t anything as exciting here in Austin until The Lagree Studio opened up. The trainers are awesome, the music is great, and the studio is amazing. You can tell that the owners really did everything they could to make sure that this is a place you want to come back to, enjoy the workout, clear your mind, and focus on “you”. Thank you for bringing the Lagree Fitness workout to Austin!!!!

    Melissa B., Austin, TX.
  8. Helped me get back in shape

    This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time…I had twins two months ago and met Valentina and she introduced me to Lagree. After taking my first class I fell in love. I am so looking forward to getting back to the studio & back in shape!

    Houston W., Austin, TX.
  9. A welcoming and supportive atmosphere

    This workout will quickly transform your body! Highly motivating, a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, great instruction and quick results.

    Patti G., Austin, TX
  10. Highly Recommend!

    I attended my first class at The Lagree Studio last week and am hooked! I have done personal training, taken just about every class or boot camp known to man and honestly say this is the best work-out I’ve experienced! It’s intense, but you leave feeling revived and can later feel how every muscle group was challenged. I’m spreading the word about The Lagree Studio to everyone I know who is looking for something new or diversity in their exercise regime.

    Lori M., Austin, TX